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Let Them Eat Cake - New Straits Times

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There are more than 400 types of cakes available at Eat Cake Today. And they are all attainable with just a few clicks. No matter how unique or personal you want your cake to be, Ang is certain that you’ll be able to find it on the online platform which hosts more than 40 bakers. Prices start from an affordable RM40 to as high as RM321. It all depends on what you want. Most importantly, it also promises a swift delivery time of just four hours.

“You can now order a cake when you get into the office, and celebrate your boss’ birthday before your day at the office is over!” concludes Ang, chuckling.

To many health practitioners, cakes are often deemed a sinful treat that people cannot seem to stay away from, no matter how hard they try. How do you say “no” to something so delectable? The memories of eating cake is deeply connected to sentimental recollections of our grandmothers and mothers baking in the kitchen or even of those lovely moments bonding with loved ones on birthdays and other memorable milestones.

Cake isn’t a recent creation and its roots in history actually span many centuries. The oldest form of cake recorded in history was thought to be a modification of the humble bread. It is believed that people in ancient Rome first started adding butter, eggs and honey to their bread dough, to produce a sweet, cake-like taste.

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