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How Many Cakes You Need Before & After Getting Your Wedding Cake Delivery Online

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Wedding - something special and lovely that creates the best memories once in a lifetime. Let’s go step by step on how many cakes exactly you need before and after you get your most unique wedding cake ever. Most importantly this wedding cake can just be ordered online and get it delivered from an online bakery near me.

Our first cake: Proposal Cake

Will you marry me? A question that begins this marriage. You can customize your proposal cake with any flavour, design you love or choose any beautiful cake or gifts such as Angel Wing Cake, balloons and flowers. Everything you can get in one go from Eat Cake Today. 

Then we will have our second cake: Bride To Be or Groom To Be Cake

Say goodbye to your single life. Get your pre-wedding parties more fun with your bridal shower cake to celebrate the couple and their future as husband and wife. A bride-to-be cake can be a customized cake or any cake that suits the bride’s personality! 

Next, it’s our star of the wedding, Wedding Cake!

Your big day isn't complete without a gorgeous wedding cake to top off the whole ceremony. You just need to submit your customization cake form and we will design your wedding cake according to your request such as wedding theme and so on. Besides, you can get monogram cake by ordering the initial letter of your name and your partner's name.

In future, you will have wedding anniversary cake, birthday cake, baby shower cake and so on! All these beauties you can get from Eat Cake Today. Custom made your wedding cake today and we deliver it to your wedding venue! For more info, please contact us at 017-8800153 or hello@eatcaketoday.com for more details!

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