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Banana Cake Recipe You Must Try: These 8 Party Bites Perfect For Any Occasion

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Ba ba ba banana~ The most common banana cake recipe we always see is the brown banana loaf. Somehow this banana cake recipe might not be loved by everyone. We have something for you that everyone will fight for the last piece. These Banana Cake Recipes in list are definitely perfect for any occasion. Let’s check it out!

  1. Banana Peanut Butter Bites

Banana and Peanut Butter, seems like our throat will be very dry after eating it. But NO! Everyone would like to eat more as it’s so soft and moist. This banana cake recipe is too lovely. Peanut buttercream, fresh bananas, and just the right touch of crumbled peanuts, yumms~

  1. Banana Apple Crumble Bites


No one would ever think that Banana and Apple actually match until they try this banana cake recipe. The fruity flavours in this cake are enhanced by the crunchy oat crumbs that add a wonderful texture to the taste. Thumbs up 👍for this unique banana cake recipe!

  1. 9 Mini Banana Classic Cake

Banana Chiffon Cake smoothened with whipped cream and topped with walnuts. The banana cake recipe is less sweet and it is suitable for all ages. The fluffiness of the cake and the smooth cream texture will definitely increase your love toward Banana Cakes.

  1. 12 pieces of Butterscotch Banana Cupcakes

Traditional banana cupcake recipes become untraditional with the additional home-made butterscotch cream cheese frosting! Soft, moist and fluffy banana cupcake topped with a silky butterscotch cream. Goes well with a cup of tea and kids will love it!

  1. 10 pieces of Hunky Monkey Cupcakes

Just like another banana chocolate cupcake recipe that you can’t resist! The chunky chocolate frosting with finely sliced almond brittle on top of the light banana sponge cake. One mouthful of mini banana cupcakes gets all the flavours burst in your mouth. DELICIOUS~

  1. 10 Pieces of Brookies

We often see banana cake recipes but banana milkshakes? Something new to try. 8 different flavours including Banana milkshake, perfectly made for those who want to try all flavours. Chewy from the inside, fudgy from the outside.. Brownies cookies, best out of the best.

  1. Box of Assorted XL Muffin

Rise and shine! A day always starts better with some XL muffin. Rich, dense and moist texture, 4 authentic flavours to choose. Muffin always goes well with banana cake recipes so a banana flavour muffin.. Makes the perfect way to start the day. You can also bring it for a picnic!

  1. 1/2 & Half Brownies 8"

Another banana cake recipe that you must try. These brownies are made with rich and intense non sweet dark chocolate. Adding banana bread granola as topping is the best choice ever. Crunchy to the chewy, fudgy brownies… one bite of it makes you feel like heaven!

These banana cake recipes are perfectly made for any party, gathering or I could say for any occasion! As these party bites are easy to share, easy to consume and easy to serve. Order one of these delicious banana cake recipes for your next celebration and impress your guests! 

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