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13 Things You Might Need For Your Christmas Celebration.

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2021 is coming to an end, which means Christmas is less than 50 days. How to spend less time but put the most effort on preparing your Christmas dinner table? Get everything from an online bakery near me, Eat Cake Today. Follow this list and your Christmas party is ready to go! 

  1. Christmas Jelly Bites

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Christmas Jelly Bites makes the perfect no-bake dessert as the starter. The jelly bites really deserve a round of applause and definitely the centerpiece of your Christmas dinner table. Less sweet and suitable for all ages, best served chilled. You can even have these jelly bites after meal, light and refreshing~

  1. Christmas Charm Fresh Flower Box

Fresh flowers add a pop of color to your Christmas dinner table. Simple yet elegant fresh roses arranged beautifully in a golden box, which makes these fresh flowers from an online florist/flower shop near me perfect for gifting too! 

  1. Christmas Star Balloon Bouquet

Little floaty Santa Clause in the house! Add an extra heaping of Christmas spirit to your celebration with foil and latex holiday balloons. Best decorations for your house and kids are gonna be very excited to see it!

  1. Healthy Savory Christmas Cake 8"

As the main dishes, have this savory cake to be served. Fresh drumstick chicken marinated with rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. You can either choose butter herb rice & quinoa or wrap, which comes with signature Sambal Belacan dipping sauce.

(Psst! You can go for the wrap and save some space for desserts!)

  1. 4 pieces of Christmas Petit Gateau

Dessert time! These premium, detailed designed petit gateau are almost too cute to eat. Almost. Not only are they a feast for the eyes, but also for the mouth too. Gather all the Christmas elements in one set with 4 different flavours, surely there’s one that will satisfy you! 

  1. Christmas Chocolate Log Cake

Other than these artisanal petit gateau, you should never miss out on another Christmas main dessert: Christmas Yule Log Cake. Made with high quality ingredients such as Callebaut Chocolate, a true delight for Christmas with the right level of sweetness! The taste of this rich chocolate roll cake is exceptionally fudgy, with dark chocolate ganache on top.

  1. Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

To wrap up the Christmas party, you can prepare these Christmas Gingerbread Cookies for your family, relatives or friends to bring home. Christmas won’t be the same without Gingerbread cookies. Definitely freshly baked from an online bakery near me!

  1. Christmas Cookies Tin Box

These Christmas cookies are also wonderful door gifts to your guests. Comes with two different flavours: Butter cookies and Belgian Chocolate Cookies. Crunchy and aromatic, one tin surely is not enough!

Let’s continue the list with a few great Christmas gift ideas 2021 from bakery near me:

  1. 12 pieces of Bon Bon Chocolate

6 assorted flavoured luxurious selection of premium dark chocolates - best Christmas gift for all! It will bring extra sweetness into your home with the family, friends and togetherness. Spread happiness to your loved ones with this delightful chocolate gift.

  1. Box of 6 Christmas Macarons

Light and airy French macarons in the shape of Christmas elements such as Gingerbread, Snowman, Christmas tree, Christmas gloves and Ornaments. Send these chewy desserts to your colleague or even boss this coming Christmas from the bakery near me!

  1. Christmas Bundle Of Joy Brownies

Christmas printed gift boxes and some pop up cards filled with non sweet dark chocolate with a variety of toppings. Additional texture in these fudgy, chewy brownies. Perfect gift for any chocolate or brownie lover!

  1. Christmas Gift Set

Attractive box filled with Christmas festive goods and treats to surprise your special loved ones. If no one exchanges Christmas gifts with you, girl you just need to love yourself more by getting this Christmas Gift Set as your Christmas gift from bakery near me

  1. Special Christmas Platter

Anyone who gets this premium platter is the lucky one. This is because this Special Christmas Platter is overflowing with delicious fruits and sweet treats to celebrate Christmas in style. 

We have more Christmas Treats & Gifts waiting for you to check them out! Isn’t it easy and hassle when you can get everything from Eat Cake Today? You can enjoy more time with your loved ones now and order Christmas Treats from an online bakery near me, Eat Cake Today.

Browse our Christmas & New Year Treats Collection and order today: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/christmas-treats

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