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Papparich Cookies


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Spicy Anchovy
Get ready to set your taste buds racing! Made with the finest anchovies from the island of Pangkor and blended with sun-dried chillies, our Papparich spicy anchovy cookies are spicily addictive  and will leave you wanting more.

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Spicy Shrimp
Feeling hot, hot, HOT?! Malaysia's warm tropical weather is not the only thing that will have you sweating once you've tried our Papparich spicy shrimp cookies! Usually paired with a serving of Papparich rojak, we say have a bite of this cookie whenever you miss the spices of Malaysia!

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Crunchy Peanut
Legend says that the best peanuts in Malaysia come from Menglembu. We don't disagree, but we sourced for the crunchiest nuttiest, most buttery peanuts in the country and turned them into a cookie just for you. Take a bite and you'll know what we're talking about!

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Mysterious Cempedak
This is Asia's mystery fruit! Did you know that there is no English translation for the word cempedak? Pique your palate with our exotic, custardy cempedak-flavoured cookies. Made with love using real cempedak sourced from the highlands of Malaysia.

Cookies Details
🍰 1 bottle                🕑 Same day delivery within 4 hours

⚖ 156g +/- (each)

Papparich Cookies consist of 
✓ Spicy Anchovy Cookies    ✓ Spicy Shrimp Cookies     ✓ Crunchy Peanut Cookies     ✓ Mysterious Cempedak Cookies

Unbleached wheat flour, granulated sugar, vegetable fat (palm oil), pasteurized egg. baking powder and salt

Dairy, egg, peanut 

Items provided with your order
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2326 reviews
Delicious cake

the cake is so delicious, not too sweet.. the sweetness and bitterness of the alcohol balance out the taste of cake! awesome. alcohol is well balance out and it's super B. definitely going to re-purchase. very delicious alcohol cake to enjoy. whisky tasted so good with combination of chocolate.

Original cendol taste

The cendol cake was simple yet tasty full of cendol flavor. One slice wasnt enough for all of us. Everyone gave 5 star to the cake!

Sinfully nice...

No regret, so sinfully yummy...

Pandan Gula Melaka cake delivery

The cake was awesome and loved by all.
Delivered as expected, informed me that he will be a bit late but manage to come on time.