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Nyonya Manis Tart

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If you support local flavours, you will definitely like this Nyonya Manis Tart. It is a typical Nyonya flavoured coconut, pandan and gula Melaka. Coconut mousse sits in the centre with pandan kaya profiteroles adorning it and accompanied with gula Melaka cream on the bed of coconut dacquoise all encased in the almond tart shell. The crust of the tart is irresistible, baked in perfection with delicious filling in the centre, pop it in and get the maximum taste out of each bite.

    Pastry Set Details
    🍰 10 - 12 slices      🎂 7 inch x 1 inch

    ⚖ 0.8 kg                   🕑 1 day pre-order

    Ingredients + -
    Flour, cream, eggs, coconut, pandan, gula melaka. 
    Allergens + -
    Wheat, dairy, eggs
    Items provided with your order + -
    ✓ Handwritten message on card
    Note + -
    All the pastries are made freshly on the delivery date itself. Please keep the Nyonya Manis Tart at room temperature. It is advisable to consume within the day of receipt to enjoy its freshness and best texture.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    A lovely sweet treat for a special day

    Bought it based on the good reviews and the fact that it has all the flavours that the birthday gal loves. What was suprising was that the children loved it too and said that it was good. Initially two slices were cut after a full dinner but after a bite, additional 2 more slices were eaten and rest left for next day treat.
    Everything on the tart is nicely place where each slice cut has all the flavours - little 'moss' ball, pretty flower and the bit of the jelly in the middle. Good combination of all the flavours. Personally for me it was a little too sweet but otherwise everything else is fantastic. Even on the next day, tart tasted great.

    Awesome tart

    Same as picture display. Taste nice as well, recommended for those like combinations of coconut and gula Melaka. Enjoy having it thanks !

    Taste as good as it looks!

    Loving the cake and the layers of flavours that go into it ; pandan, coconut, palm sugar and coconut flakes. The flavours are in a perfect harmony without one overpowering the other. The base crust is sturdy so it holds up top layers of the cake really well. Consumed the cake three times within 2 days and the flavours didn't diminish at all. Highly recommended!

    Pretty and tasty

    I thought this tart looks pretty like a moss garden. Taste of gula melaka, pandan and coconut. All my favourite flavours!

    Lovely sweet treat

    The whole elements just worked well. Overall taste was awesome Despite being on the too sweet side. Luckily the portion is just nice for 5 people, without going on ‘sugar high’.

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    14804 reviews

    SO crunchy!!!


    It's creamy delicious but not jelak after eating it. For me, sweetness is just nice.

    Taste good and cake is so pretty 😍

    Excellent taste

    love all flavors. thank you so much

    Best ice cream cake!

    Both Kids and adults love it!
    It’s not too sweet too!

    Order the second time!