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Kek Tapak Kuda Aidilfitri


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Hot off Tik Tok; Kek Tapak Kuda or Horse Shoe Cake is a fluffy sponge cake generously filled with crunchy cereal then rolled. When sliced, the cake is shaped like a horse shoe. This version is "tak manis sangat" and less sweet. In this box, you'll get four Kek Tapak Kuda:

1) Crunchy Matcha Chocolate
2) Crunchy Speculoos (Lotus Biscoff) Chocolate
3) Strawberry Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut
4) Pandan Kaya Crunchy Chocolate

Packed in exclusive gold box, tied with satin ribbon and traditional rose gold brooch. Every order will receive a FREE limited edition Batik mini scarf in random prints.

Brownies Details
🍰 4 Cake Rolls               🎂 9 inch x 3.8 inch Gift Box

⚖  750 g +/-               🕑 3 days pre-order 

Ingredients + -
Flour, baking powder, cocoa, milk, butter, margerine, egg, sugar, chocolate, pandan extract, kaya, strawberry jam, chocolate hazelnut spread, Lotus Biscoff, matcha powder
Allergens + -
Wheat, dairy, egg, nuts    
Items provided with your order + -
✓ Handwritten message on the card
Cake Care Instructions + -
Please keep the cake rolls refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection and allow the cake to sit at least 3-5 minutes before serving. The cake can be refrigerated for maximum 5 days however it’s advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

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