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Hitam Manis Cake 9 inch


  • RM145.00

If you haven't tried bamboo charcoal sponge cake, then you're definitely missing out. Layered with gula melaka cream cheese frosting filled with homemade pulut hitam, this cake is consistently screaming the best of local flavors in each and every bite!

Cake Details
🍰 15 - 20 slices     🎂 9 inch x 4 inch  

⚖ 1.8kg                   🕑 2 days pre-order

Pulut hitam, bamboo charcoal powder, coconut cream, gula melaka, cream, milk, flour, eggs, sugar, butter.

Wheat, dairy, egg

Items provided with your order
✓ Candles     ✓ Handwritten message on cake & birthday tag
✓ Knife          ✓ Handwritten message on card

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