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Mermaid Fondant 2-Tiers Cake with Toy Ariel (Customized)

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  • RM480.00

Need a cake to celebrate a special day with The Little Mermaid Lover? Is she a lover of Ariel, or Disney? Then this is the cake for you! A chocolate and salted caramel cake for the bottom tier, and a red velvet cake on the top tier, this cake has an Ariel toy perched on top with other decorations such as octopus, sea plants and corals - definitely a cake for all the Ariel fans out there! Seas the day and order this Ariel the Little Mermaid birthday cake today! 

PS: Prices are indicative only and will depend on the specific customisation. If you would like to order this cake, please fill in the contact form. 

Cake Details

🎂 8" bottom x 7" top  

🕑 4-7 days  

Flavours + -
✓ Bottom Tier: Chocolate and Salted Caramel 

 Top Tier: Red Velvet 

Items provided with your order + -
 Candles      ✓ Handwritten message on card


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