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Mermaid Fondant 2-Tiers Cake with Toy Ariel (Customized)

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  • RM480.00

Need a cake to celebrate a special day with The Little Mermaid Lover? Is she a lover of Ariel, or Disney? Then this is the cake for you! A chocolate and salted caramel cake for the bottom tier, and a red velvet cake on the top tier, this cake has an Ariel toy perched on top with other decorations such as octopus, sea plants and corals - definitely a cake for all the Ariel fans out there! Seas the day and order this Ariel the Little Mermaid birthday cake today! 

PS: Prices are indicative only and will depend on the specific customisation. If you would like to order this cake, please fill in the contact form. 

Cake Details

🎂 8" bottom x 7" top  

🕑 4-7 days  


✓ Bottom Tier: Chocolate and Salted Caramel 

 Top Tier: Red Velvet 

Items provided with your order

 Candles      ✓ Handwritten message on card


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2705 reviews
Delicious! (but)

My colleagues and I loved the bite size cakes as it wasn't too sweet or too salty. The chocolate cake itself has that local taste and texture to it, paired with the buttercream on top, it was delicious! However, I noticed that height of the cake decreases at the sides, as if there is a lack of batter. And the size can be bigger for the price (roughly RM 3 a bite, fyi). Would think twice buying this again, even if it was very addictive...

Sour+sweet+salty taste
But really punctual.... Deliver on time...well done


Great thin crust, flavourful cream.


Everyone in the office loved it


It was a beautiful cake, with a real rose on it, but I'm going to have to echo the previous comment and say that the taste itself was disappointing. Would not order again.