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Colourful Cookies Set with Tote Bag

Baked KL

  • RM98.00

From buttery golden to a chocolatey brown, taste your favourite colours with the Colourful Cookies Set with Tote Bag! The buttery crunch of the Gold Flakes, milky-nutty fresh bite of the White Cranberry, rich chocolatey taste of Belgium, nutty yet bittersweet experience of the Matcha Shortbread, and a triple combo of rich dark chocolate of the Triple Choc Chocolate Chip is bound to please the dessert connoisseur within you!

Don’t leave your vegan friends out of the dessert party! Hand them a full plate of brittle caramel-ish and spiced Vegan Vanilla Caramel and a buttery sensation with a side of peanut-like taste with the Vegan Peanut Butter!

If you’d like a change of pace when it comes to cookies, why not give the sweet yet smokey and floral taste of the Eggless Honey Coconut a go?

For bulk order, please contact us at 017- 880 0153.

Cookies Set Details
🍰 8 treats in a tote bag                  🕑 1 day pre-order

Cookies set comes with + -
  • Goldflakes - cornflakes, oats, butter, sugar, golden syrup

  • White Cranberry - butter, flour, sugar, white choc, almond, cranberry, oats, raising agent

  • Belgium - chocolate chip, flour, butter, sugar, egg, raising agent, salt

  • Matcha shortbread - butter, flour, sugar, almonds, matcha, egg

  • Triple Choc Chocolate Chip - dark choc, flour, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, egg, raising agent, vanilla, salt

  • Vegan Vanilla Caramel - flour, vegan butter, biscoff cookie, oats, coconut sugar

  • Vegan Peanut Butter - coconut sugar, peanut butter, flour, vegan butter, raising agent, vanilla

  • Eggless Honey Coconut - oats, sugar, coconut, llour, butter, honey, water, raising agent

  • Ingredients + -
    Butter, sugar, egg
    Allergens + -
    Wheat, dairy, nuts, peanut
    Items provided with your order + -
    ✓ Handwritten message on card           ✓ Tote bag

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