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6 Pieces of Santa Belt Petit Gateau

Petit Gateau

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Searching for alcohol desserts as your Christmas treats? Why not get these six pieces of Santa Belt Petit Gateau. Petit gateau means mini cakes thus this set of 6 petite creations mimicking Santa's belt is an exquisite dessert perfect for the holiday season. 

Petit Gateau Details
🍰 6 pieces                         🎂 3.34 inch x 1.38 inch +/- (each) 

⚖  0.08 kg +/- (each)          🕑 2 days pre-order

Ingredients + -
Pears poached in red wine and Christmas spice, jasmine rose tea jelly, milk chocolate mousse, mirror glaze.
Allergens + -
dairy, eggs, alcohol, gluten, gelatin
Items provided with your order + -
✓ Knife    ✓ Handwritten message on card
Cake Care Instructions + -
Please keep the Santa Belt Petit Gateau refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection and allow the cake to sit at least 3-5 minutes before serving. Store in the freezer if bringing out for more than 1 hour. This can be enjoyed frozen too like an ice cream cake. Warm knife before slicing to desired size. The cake can be refrigerated for maximum 2 days however it’s advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

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