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2 Packets of Fatimas Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread


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The aroma of FATIMAS Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread will positively lighten your mood. The distinctive "Signature" sourdough and long hours' fermentation flavour of FATIMAS Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread reflects our baker's passion and quality for their work. Good bread takes time but it does not take time from you. 

The long hours of fermentation allow the cultivation of its distinctive and excellent taste while making the Germinated Whole Wheat Bread more digestible and nutritious. The non-sticky, soft, spongy and soft crust present an excellent combination that is distinctive and unique to our bread. 

Use a specially designed Nylon bag with zipper to enhance FATIMAS Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread's quality as proof of our commitment.

Having FATIMAS Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread is your way to lasting health. FATIMAS Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread is a great choice for a number of reason. It's the source of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral and multi-nutrients. It is also high fibre and calcium, low in sugar, cholesterol-free and trans-fat-free and it's Halal-certified by Jakim Malaysia.

Ultimate B & W

Adding seeds like chia, flax or sesame boosts the nutrient content and also make it taste better. Seed, small but mighty kernels are the powerhouse for life that come in small packages which are given to us by nature. In addition to the health benefits, seeds work brilliantly in bread and give great flavour and variety to the bread. Thus, Ultimate B & W should definitely be a part of your daily food intake.

Ancient Multi Grains

It has the wholesome taste and aroma that everyone loves. Ancient Multi Grains bread is made from a passionate recipe of nutrient-rich multi-grains such as germinated whole-wheat, rice, beans, seeds, vitamins and minerals. It is filled with the wholesome delicious taste that will uplift you instantly.

2 Packets of Fatimas Germinated Whole-Wheat Bread

  • 1 packets of Ancient Multi Grains Bread
  • 1 packets of Ultimate B&W Bread

*Deliver Using GDEX take 2 to 3 days 

Bread Details

⚖ +-360gm/packet 🕑 2 days pre-order 

Ingredients + -
Germinated whole-wheat, rice, beans, seeds, vitamins and minerals.
Allergens + -
Wheat, dairy, egg
Storage Instruction + -
Storage & Handling Instruction
✓ Keep bread in a cool, dry place with tight packaging as to slow down the staling process and avoid contamination.
✓ Always handle bread with dry and clean hands.
✓Never store bread next to things with a strong aroma like onion, detergent and raw food as to avoid contamination.
Short-term Bread Storage
✓ Kept the bread at normal room temperature typically can last for 7 days.
Long-term Bread Storage
✓ For prolonged storage, kept the bread directly in a freezer at -18°C immediately upon receiving the bread.
✓ To freeze the bread typically can last for more than 6 months.
Serving Instruction + -
Toast or steam before serving for better taste.

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