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What’s not working with Shopify

Poor Design Tools

Shopify offers very limited design tools embedded in the theme editor. Therefore, it makes merchants extremely difficult to go creative or build a complex layout.

The pages turn out plain and your brand turns out boring. There’s no place for high conversions .

Inconvenient code editor

With its well-hidden code editor, Shopify restricts its accessibility to developers only, making the place even more unfamiliar to most merchants with no coding skills.

Even when the merchant can open the code editor, they are faced with tons of coding files to think through. The process puzzles merchants, wasting their time and energy.

Minimal designs

Using a one-template-for-all system, Shopify applies one layout for similar page types, making it impossible to create special landing or sales page.

Merchants are bounded with modest designs, struggling to boost sales for little results .

Why PageFly

PageFly gives you the power to design and build beautifully responsive pages, loaded within milliseconds, while writing clean code.

Drag-n-Drop Editor

Create a website with drag-n-drop system, no coding skills needed.

Custom Designs

Build different looks for your page on laptop, tablet and mobile in a blink.

Top Performance

Load the page within milliseconds with quality SEO and ranking.

Construct all page types

  • Build new regular, home, blog and password page.
  • Add more content to current product and collection page.

Matías Hernández

CEO & CTO, Velitessport2

Awesome app, awesome support, awesome people! The team at Sellersmith answer immediately and solve doubts satisfactorily. I like PageFLy!!! Great job guys!

Pamela McVey

Co-Owner, Make & Stow

I can't even BELIEVE how great this app is. Other apps are comparatively very basic, and don't offer a lot of customization. With PageFly, I built pages EXACTLY how I wanted them to operate and look. It's also fairly intuitive to use, after a bit of experimenting. Thank you for such a quality product!

Korhan Saka

Owner of Ifixturkiye

The best app for Shopify! I can built even very complex designs and it is very easy to use. Just a little practice and you can built whatever you want. Perfect mobile integration too. Finally, very fast and effective Customer support available.

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