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Searching for last minute cake order? Eat Cake Today is the best online cake delivery near me and you. There are huge variety of cakes for happy birthday or your sudden craving or any celebration that you can order cake online now. Order and we send the cake now to your doorstep.

Nak beli kek? Eat Cake Today merupakan laman kek delivery online yang paling popular di Malaysia. Anda boleh order dan dapatkan kek pada hari yang sama juga. Sini
 mempunyai kek birthday, kek cheese, kek coklat dan banyak lagi. Layari koleksi ini untuk memilih kek kegemaran anda!

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery and they will call me to pick up the call. I found out is very good service.

Death By Chocolate Bites
Kishern Thiyagu

Very moist and amazing, suitable for a small family gathering, surely a love amongst everyone

Star balloon bouquet


Delicious New York Cheesecake

I love the taste and the 6" size is just nice for 4 pax!

Good Taste

the combination of sweet and salty make up a good taste.