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Hello Kitty Jelly Mooncake Mix Flavour (4 Boxes)

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Mooncakes are a symbolic cake enjoyed during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Due modern influence from dessert ideas, mooncakes also come in jelly form. Jelly mooncake has been in trend recently due to dessert trend is popular in the market. Jelly mooncake is a refreshing dessert type and best served chilled. Hello Kitty Jelly Mooncake measurement is about 4-5cm in diameter and 3cm thick. Jelly mooncakes are made with agar agar jelly powder, and added in different flavour ingredient for different flavoured and its suitable for vegetarians too.

Hello Kitty Jelly Mooncake Details
4 Boxes Hello Kitty Jelly Mooncake, each box contains 4 pieces of jelly mooncake, Osmanthus Flowers, Yogurt Mango, Coconut Corn, and Coffee Flavoured

  • Osmanthus Flower with Wolfberries (Gui Hua) main ingredients: dried osmanthus flowers, wolfberries, and sugar crystals.
  • Yogurt Mango main ingredients: yogurt mango, fresh mango cube
  • Coconut Corn main ingredients: coconut milk, sweet corn
  • Coffee main ingredients: instant coffee, cream

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