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Floaty and fun! Brilliant quality of hi-float helium balloons in KL/PJ Malaysia are now all with us. We provide different helium balloons like bubble balloons, confetti balloons, latex colored or transparent balloons, foil balloons, number balloons, balloon bouquet and so on. From confetti to number Balloons and all kinds of colour, we've got you covered to set your scene for birthday, wedding, congratulation wish, graduation party, anniversary, baby shower! Check out the balloons we have, let us be the online party balloon store near you and deliver happiness to doorstep.

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Customer Feedback - Carnation Swap Cake

Delicious! Not too sweet. Moist. My mother enjoyed it throughly.

My mum loved the cake. I did too, but the cream cheese is too sweet to have more than one slice at a time

Nice vegan cake.

Lovingly done. Well presented. Cannot find any fault with it.

Realistic Rose Petals

Impressive design and taste is just nice, not too sweet.
Overall really a cake-to-go especially at parties as my mom and sis was stunned by its beauty