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Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake 7"


  • RM110.00

Moist chocolate cake sandwiched with salted caramel buttercream, topped with caramel coated popcorn for that extra crunch and just the right amount of salted caramel and chocolate sauce drizzle, this show-stopper will bring a mouthwateringly cinematic touch to any table!

PS: This is not an ice cream cake. 

Cake Details
🍰 8 - 14 slices     🎂 7 inch x 4 inch  

⚖ 1kg                    🕑 Same day delivery in 4 hours

Popcorn, ice cream cone waffle, sugar, flour, milk, cream, butter and eggs.

Wheat, dairy, egg

Items provided with your order
✓ Candles     ✓ Handwritten message on cake & birthday tag
✓ Knife          ✓ Handwritten message on card

Cake Care Instructions
Upon receipt, please place cake in a cooling room environment as humidity will turn crunchy popcorn to chewy popcorn. Cake is best consumed on the same day of receipt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
For Sweet Tooth only

We loved it! Cake was decorated nicely. However do bear in mind that the caramel sauce would only appeal to those with sweet tooth. I personally scrapped it off as I’m trying to cut down on sugar however my boyfriend loved it and was licking the caramel off his plate! Chocolate cake was nice and moist. Not too sweet.


The cake is moist and the sweetness is perfect

Cake was distorted. Not properly delivered. Whole surprise was ruined.

When I got delivery of cake then did not check that how was cake's condition. I just kept it in Refrigerator. I opened cake box at 12.00am to give surprise to my husband and cake was not in good condition, our whole mood was spoiled. I ordered cake online for the first time. This is very disappointing, I was so embarrassed. I spent 120RM which was not worth at all. I felt like crying. I saw everybody's comment and ordered but I am really in doubt that whether these are true comments or fake..

A little sweet

The appearance of the cake is appealing, however the cake with the salted caramel sauce is a bit too sweet for me. If you are a chocolate cake and caramel lover, this cake is perfect for you. It's still a happy buying experience though.

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Real Customer Feedback

2326 reviews
Delicious cake

the cake is so delicious, not too sweet.. the sweetness and bitterness of the alcohol balance out the taste of cake! awesome. alcohol is well balance out and it's super B. definitely going to re-purchase. very delicious alcohol cake to enjoy. whisky tasted so good with combination of chocolate.

Original cendol taste

The cendol cake was simple yet tasty full of cendol flavor. One slice wasnt enough for all of us. Everyone gave 5 star to the cake!

Sinfully nice...

No regret, so sinfully yummy...

Pandan Gula Melaka cake delivery

The cake was awesome and loved by all.
Delivered as expected, informed me that he will be a bit late but manage to come on time.