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Tofufah Cheese Cake 8"

Project Cake Therapy

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Once you’ve had a taste of this light and smooth tofu cheesecake served with a ginger gula melaka syrup, you’re not gonna want to stray too far from that next slice!

Cake Details
🍰 12 - 16 slices     🎂 8 inch x 1.25 inch

⚖ 1kg                      🕑 3 days pre-order

Ingredients + -
Cheese, tofu, dairy, digestive biscuits, ginger and gula melaka.
Allergens + -
Wheat, dairy, egg
Items provided with your order + -
✓ 1 Candle     ✓ Happy Birthday Stand
✓ Knife           ✓ Handwritten message on card
Cake Care Instructions + -
Please keep the Tofufah Cheesecake refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection and allow the cake to sit at least 3-5 minutes before serving. The cake can be refrigerated for maximum 2 days however it’s advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nice and yummy

This cake look so nice and elegant.. how is tofufah cheese cake is? You should buy it and try.. highly recommended..

Christmas Cake

The cake same but it didn’t have flowers but a few berries. What the heck. You should give what is promised.

Great tasting cake

Ordered this for my dad’s birthday & it was perfect. Just the right combo - not too sweet & they loved the novelty factor.

Due to CMCO, we couldn’t be there to enjoy the cake but it looked lovely!

A pleasant surprise

Really enjoy this dessert very much. Tau fu fah with brown sugar & ginger, and with a slight tinge of cheese... Good, will repeat order


My favourite! Will likely order again!

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★ Customer Reviews ★

Real Customer Feedback

13853 reviews
Great Cake!

Impressed with the 4hours delivery. It meets my urgent need. The cake was great and not so sweet. But im not received the card that suppose to come with the cake. Hope can check & improve later. Thanks

Birthday cake for my little boy

The cake was good, everyone in my family who ate it said so too. I did find the cake a wee bit on the dry side but with the cream cheese, it balanced out. The sweetness level was just right, not cloying. The cake was rich without being overwhelming. I would definitely order it again.

Delicious Oreo Ice Cream Cake but No Cooler Bag/Dry Ice for Cake

Ordered this cake for my son's 15th birthday. When they deliver, they did not provide cooler bag or dry ice for this Ice Cream Cake. Lucky the cake doesn't melt when arrived. Quickly put in freezer for 1.5hours before serving. Not too sweet and everyone loved it. The seller should give an option to purchase cooler cake bag. Lucky was serving at home due to MCO. If I bring it to restaurant, I might have problem, I need cooler bag for the cake, restaurant may not have space for customer to keep in their freezer, normally cake will be serve after meal in restaurant. The Ice Cream Cake sure will melt without cooler bag.

Too sweet

The cake is too sweet. But moisture was good and delivery was good