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Secret Recipe Malaysia

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Unless you’ve been living under a very sad rock in Malaysia, you’ll definitely have had a Secret Recipe cake sometime in your life. The customary mention and most favored presence at corporate celebratory events as well as home blown family occasions, that signature red box with white fonts has been the constant in our moments for as long as we can remember, not just because of their affordable price range, but because, well, the cakes are pretty darn yummy.

Secret Recipe may have been around the block and back, but in the process, they’ve brought to light new flavours to accompany the old. Back in the day, it was all about their Banana Chocolate cake – soft banana slices paired with the richness chocolate cream and light chocolate sponge layers, all topped with a rich coating of chocolate. Now, customers are spoiled for choice on a much wider range of preferences, as well as refreshing twists to old favourites. Such instance would be the Blackforest Cheesecake with light cheese layered with dark sweet cherry filling and the crunch of dark chocolate, a modern interpretation of their bestselling Blackforest Cake. Secret Recipe’s Tiramisu cake is a round, espresso-infused sponge cake filled with mascarpone cheese and cappuccino cream, and though it hardly resembles the kind of tiramisu that most of us know and love, the tastes and textures are hard to differ. And then of course, there’s the local lovers go-to order, the Durian Durian cake. Four layers of vanilla sponge cake decked with three layers of beautifully whipped durian cream filling, this one has a spot in all of us durian aficionado’s hearts. If durian’s not your fruit of fondness, then Fruitilicious might be more up your alley. A cream and sponge cake stuffed to the core with a premium fruit mix, this refreshing dessert will give your healthy conscious a reason to indulge.

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