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Purple Monkey Frozen Cheesecakes

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Ambition derives from passion and perseverance. Climbing up the ladder of success from scratch, Lim Kuo Yang, founder of Purple Monkey, started out by working as a waiter at at a local Thai restaurant. It was there that he first introduced his sumptuous cheesecakes to the masses, rapidly building a strong following of fans, and inevitably leading to the beginning of Purple Monkey, a cheesecake shop unlike any other.

By using a blend of fresh ingredients and cream cheese, Yang and his team concoct simple yet luxurious flavors to soothe the dessert senses. The Sinful Mango V2.0 is the cake most synonymous to the fame of Purple Monkey. A dense, refreshing frozen cheesecake made fancy with a stunning arrangement of a budding rose patterned with succulent mango slices, it effortlessly becomes Klang Valley’s answer to the ideal summer cake.

Then there’s the Toblerone Dark Chocolate, a lush and creamy cheesecake for all those chocolate lovers. Smooth and rich in robust cocoa flavor, this decadent dessert is engagingly charming to the bite. Durian aficionados will also be pleased to know that Purple Monkey offers a durian cheesecake called Golden Durian. However, if you’d prefer to enjoy a few of Purple Monkey’s offerings in one sweet serving, you can opt for the Mini Monkeys, a collection of their big cakes in adorable, mini forms.

These sinfully tempting cake photographs were sourced from:
Purple Monkey

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