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Don't know...

The mooncake wasn't for me. It was for my mom so I can't say what was the outcome. But I heard that the mooncake was finished in 2 days which I think was a good sign!
But I wish Eat Cake Today company would have sent me an email confirmation upon delivery. I never received one until I chatted with the online specialist. I think that shouldn't be the case as it was stated at order confirmation that a follow up email will be sent! Bad on your part.


Taste good but a bit dry

Mysterious and delicious cake

The cake is nice presented, and taste good. However, just a bit soft due to the mousse and cause difficulty to cut it. Overall, it's a nice cake.


Overall was good but the cake was too sweet for us. But it’s ok since it’s chocolate.

Lemon Poppyseed Cake